Saturday, 22 October 2016

More Details about Input Format and Output Format

1. "Key" means you can take any Hadoop WritableComparable Class
2. "Value" means you can take any Hadoop Writable Class

Input Format Class Record Reader Class Key Class Value Class
TextInputFormat LineRecordReader LongWritable Text
KeyValueTextInputFormat KeyValueLineRecordReader Text Text
NLineInputFormat LineRecordReader LongWritable Text
DBInputFormat DBRecordReader LongWritable Value extends DBWritable
CombineTextInputFormat CombineFileRecordReader LongWritable Text
CombineSequenceFileInputFormat CombineFileRecordReader Key Value
DelegatingInputFormat DelegatingRecordReader Key Value
FixedLengthInputFormat FixedLengthRecordReader LongWritable LongWritable
SequenceFileInputFormat SequenceFileRecordReader Key Value
SequenceFileAsBinaryInputFormat SequenceFileAsBinaryRecordReader BytesWritable BytesWritable
SequenceFileAsTextInputFormat SequenceFileAsTextRecordReader Text Text

Output Format Class Record Writer Class Key Class Value Class
TextOutputFormat LineRecordWriter Key Value
SequenceFileOutputFormat RecordWriter Key Value
SequenceFileAsBinaryOutputFormat RecordWriter BytesWritable BytesWritable
DBOutputFormat DBRecordWriter Key extends DBWritable Value
LazyOutputFormat LazyRecordWriter Key Value
FilterOutputFormat FilterRecordWriter Key Value
NullOutputFormat RecordWriter Key Value

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